What is Voqel?

Our passion is stories. Our platform is voice.

The world is an amazing place. Step outside the mainstream and one encounters an incredible variety of human experience. You hear remarkable stories, ideas and perspectives. Some funny or tragic, others insightful and inspiring.

But, we rarely hear these stories. Why?

We are connected like never before, but it’s often superficial. Endless streams of TXT messages and breezy status updates create a sense of camaraderie, but poorly convey the richness of our lives. We seem to have lost our voice, that wonderful tool of human expression that is familiar, authentic, expressive and inescapably personal.

It can be better.

Imagine hearing…
Epic travel tales from faraway adventures,
Heartening stories about overcoming hardships,
A mom sharing the wonders of her child’s first encounters,
Cross-cultural experience of immigrating to a new country,
A budding poet reading their first literary creations,
Grandparents passing down generational family stories,
A college grad announcing that exciting first job.

With everyone giving voice to their stories, the possibilities are endless.

Great stories – All in the sound of a friend’s voice.

Our vision is simple. Create the world’s best platform for spoken expression. Make it fun, easy-to-use, and available anywhere. Make it mobile. And personalize it, so you hear audio that fits your individual interests. With just the tap of a finger, listen to great stories and share your own narrative – amongst friends – or with the entire world.

Get started today.

Download the free mobile app or sign up . Rediscover the sound of a great story with all the warmth, passion and personality that only the human voice can convey. Remember to share your own story. It’s worth hearing. So get started.

Voqel.  Your story.  Your voice.




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