Quick Tour of Voqel

Our passion is spoken expression. We're creating a place to share stories and ideas that's a fun way to connect with family and friends and discover new voices. Download the iPhone app or register on the Web and get started today!


Listen tab is your personalized listening stream. Simply tap the Play button to listen to family and friends, as well as uploads selected for you by Voqel. Tap on a clip to display detailed information, add a comment, share it with friends, or follow the author or topic.


Discover tab allows you to explore audio by topic. Click on interesting clips and enjoy social audio from around the world. If you like something, give it a star or post a comment. Use the search bar to find particular topics or people.


Record tab is your tool to create and upload your stories. Everyone has a story worth hearing and we'd love to hear yours. It's easy to share a story:
1. Tap the microphone to start and stop recording then select Upload.
2. Add some information about your clip so listeners can find your audio.
3. Attach a picture from your photo library or snap a new one.
4. Publish your story publicly, to a private group, or keep it private.
5. You can email clips to friends, and also post them to Facebook and Twitter.


Connect tab is the place to find and connect with friends on Voqel. If you don't see them listed, just send them an invite. You can also create private groups to restrict distribution of your uploads to selected family, friends or others. Simply tap the groups button, name your group and add members.


Profile tab is where you manage profile information and settings. Select users to follow and see who is following you. You can also see a summary of your activity on Voqel. Tap the settings button to edit your profile and change your default sharing and system settings.



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