Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Voqel.  If you have other comments or questions, please email us at support@voqel.com. 


General Questions:

What is Voqel’s vision?

We believe everyone has a great story and deserves to be heard. So, we created an open platform for spoken expression, one where everyone can share and hear ideas, experiences and perspectives from people around the world.

What are Voqel’s products?

Voqel offers a comprehensive environment for recording, uploading, sharing and listening to audio content. The Voqel service is available on the web and via its mobile applications.

Why should I register an account?

Registering an account allows you to upload content, comment and rate other users’ content, share clips with friends or others, and create private groups.

Can I use Voqel anonymously?

Yes.  You can freely listen to any of the public content from the Voqel community, though you must register an account to hear stories from private groups or upload your own .

What does Voqel cost?

Voqel is entirely free for users.  The service is financially supported by investors, sponsors, advertisers and promoted content.

How do I change my account name or password?

You may edit account information on your profile tab, including your user name, picture, password, following status and other settings.

How do I invite friends and family to join Voqel?

When you upload an audio clip, tap the envelope icon to forward it to a friend. Or, open clip details for any audio clip and tap the Share icon.  Our emails include a link to Voqel where friends can open an account and start listening to stories and sharing some of their own.


Mobile App:

How do I download the mobile app?

Go to the Apple App Store, search for Voqel and install the app on your iPhone and iPad.  When you launch the Voqel app, you will be prompted for a user name and password and you’re ready to start.

Which phones can run the Voqel app?

The mobile app is initially available on the iPhone.  We plan versions for Android, Microsoft and other devices, which we will announce when available.  You can also access Voqel from a PC, laptop or the web browser on your phone.


Content Management:

How do I upload my own content to Voqel?

Record and upload audio clips directly from your iPhone.  Simply tap the Record tab and follow the instructions.  You can also upload content directly from your computer, but don’t upload any third-party files that infringe copyrights of others.

Are their limits on the amount of content that I upload?

There are no limits on your uploads, as long as you comply with our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.  Voqel retains the right to remove content at its sole discretion, including termination due to inactivity or repeated policy violations. 

Can I edit my content after I’ve already uploaded it?

You can edit any of the information fields for your content.  In Listen mode, tap the Me filter to list your clips. Find the clip you wish to edit, tap it, and select the edit button.  If you wish to change the audio file, you will need to re-record a new file.

Who owns the content that I upload to Voqel?

You own the material that you upload to Voqel and are solely responsible for its content. 

How do audio clips get selected as Featured?

Featured clips are those selected by our staff which we believe users will find interesting or valuable.  Selections are based on our editors’ subjective determinations and the responses of other users.

What if another user makes a hurtful or off-topic comment on my clip?

The user who contributes the story can, at their discretion, delete some or all of the comments.  Just open your clip details, select Edit, and delete objectionable comments.

What if I accidently delete one of my own clips?

Oops, sorry about that.  You cannot restore deleted clips, so be careful about that.  As an alternative to deleting clips consider just changing the publish setting to Private and it will remain in your personal inventory.

Can I download audio clips to my computer?

There is currently no option to download clips to your phone or computer.  We will explore offline listening and announce this feature when available.


Private Groups:

What are Private Groups?

Private Groups allow you to restrict the audience to people you select.  Clips published to Private Groups cannot be accessed by the public, cannot be posted to Facebook or Twitter, and cannot be shared nor forwarded by other users.

How do I create Private Groups?

Go to the Connect tab and tap the Add Groups button.  Give your group a name and add its members.  Send invitations to friends to join Voqel and then add them to your Private Group.  

Can I change the audience settings of my clips?

Yes, just open the clip details, tap on the top right Edit button and edit your Share settings.  You can restrict the audience to yourself or a Private Group, or share it publicly to the world.  It’s your choice.

How do I find friends or people I know on Voqel?

Try the Search bar at the top of Discover or Groups mode.  Be aware that members may have registered with a pseudonym, so you may not see their name.  If you cannot find someone, try sending them a Voqel invitation.


Performance Issues:

The audio won’t play or is stuttering, what can I do?

Voqel is a digital streaming service that relies on a good wireless connection.  If the app won’t open or is performing poorly, you likely have too weak a signal.  Try again when you have a stronger signal or access to a wireless hotspot.   

It is taking a long time to upload a new recording. Can I speed it up?

Upload time is related to the length of your recording and the strength of wireless signal.  For instance, when connected to a wireless hotspot, a 2-minute clip should load in under 10 seconds.

I cannot record a new clip and the microphone is grayed out?

In Record mode, press the Clear button next to the microphone to reset the recorder.  Then tap the microphone to start your recording session. The microphone will display a RED circle in the center when it is recording.


Policy Matters:

How can I report hateful or objectionable content?

Open the clip details for the offending clip.  Tap the flag in the bottom right to report it to us as objectionable.  We will review the clip for compliance with our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.  You can also block selected users from your personalized listening stream to avoid content that you dislike.

What if another user has uploaded content that I own?

Notify us in writing or email us at copyright@voqel.com, including details about the copyrighted clip and your contact information.  Specific instructions can be found in the Copyright Complaints section of our Terms of Service.

Does Voqel sell my personal information?

No, Voqel does not sell or disclose personal information of its users.  Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details about user information policies and practices.

What happens to my content if I close my account?

Voqel may or may not store, preserve or use previously uploaded content consistent with the policies outlined in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.  In the event you close your account, be aware that you may no longer be able to access your uploaded content.

Can I republish other users’ audio clips that I find on Voqel?

No, you are not allowed to copy, republish or reuse other users’ content.  You may share or promote other users’ content only by utilizing the sharing functions of the Voqel application.


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